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Throughout modern history there has been a fascination with lost treasure. Men have spent their entire lives searching for coins, jewelry or artifacts from long ago fortunes that were either lost at sea or buried in haste. Proper recovery methods require the documentation of finds to establish the provenance of coins and other artifacts. However, treasure recovered prior to the modern era was not always subjected to the established rules used today. Although we may surmise the origin of a recovered item, we cannot confirm it. This coin is a prime example of such an item. It has all the appearances of treasure recovered from a shipwreck but that cannot be verified. This coin and others like it may have been salvaged from the 1715 Plate Fleet which was lost in a hurricane off the east coast of Florida on July 31, 1715. This coin has all the markings of a 1715 Plate coin but due to the lack of a provenance, it cannot be positively associated with that wreck. We offer it as a prime example of a coin from the Fleet Era which we refer to as a coin of unknown provenance.