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One of the most important shipwrecks ever found in Canadian waters was the wreck of Le Chameau. On the night of August 27, 1725, the ship was dashed to pieces on the Rocks off Cape Lorembec, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The 600-ton, 48-gun pride of the French fleet, Le Chameau, was lost with all of her 316 passengers and what amounted to several years’ worth of funds. Not only was this disaster devastating in the terms of souls and monetary lost, but Le Chameau’s passenger manifest was a virtual “who’s who” of the French colonial aristocracy – people who had and were to have been the elite of their nation’s colonies in North America.. After resting on the ocean floor for close to 250 years, Le Chameau was rediscovered by a local diver who began recovering contents of the ship that had eluded the French salvors of 1726. They discovered mounds of cannonballs, iron-encrusted artifacts and a group of silver and gold coins.