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Best known as “Mo Molinar”, he was …hands down… the person who found more gold treasure on Florida shipwrecks than anyone else in the business! It was also Mo who discovered some of the earliest gold valuables and artifacts from the fabulous treasure wrecks of the Atocha and the Santa Margarita of 1622 off Key West. When he and his now-famous salvage vessel, Virg-A-Lona, returned to the Treasure Coast of Florida, Mo was to garner further fame as a treasure-finder by recovering nearly 1,000 Spanish colonial gold coins of the 1715 Fleet in the 1980s. Those that went with Mo diving for the season on the Virg-A-Lona received a ring made of Sterling Silver with the image of a pirate. This ring continues to be made for West Bay Trading Company. We call these rings, “Mo’s Ring” in his honor.