Artifact 1715 Fleet, Cochineal in a Basket – 1715, 2019222


Certificate #: 2019222

Dated: 1715 fleet
Artifact:  Cochineal in a Basket

Wreck: 1715 Fleet
Made of:    

Original fragment of a basket that contained cochineal was recovered from the remains of the “Cabin Wreck”.  Cochineal is a red dye material that consists of dried aphids  that live exclusively on certain cactus plants that are found in Mexico.  Considered valuable.  .

Discussed in the book,  “The Winter Camp Salvage,” by D. R. Armstrong, page 70, exhibit 31.  Original certificate signed by D.R. Armstrong

Included in the exhibit on loan at the McLarty Museum, Sebastian, Florida.  Douglas Armstrong Collection.

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