Artifact 1715/1770’s English Cream ware, 1780, 2019225


Certificate #: 2019225

Dated: 1715/1770’s
Artifact:  English Cream ware, 1780  Multiple pieces of English Cream ware

Made of:    

1715 fleet wrecks had been salvaged by the Spanish and were also “fished” by others when the opportunity arose.  One such occasion apparently involved a party from the British 60th Regiment (The Green Howards), who were stationed at St. Augustine during the time of the American Revolution.  The remains of the cream ware were found scattered among the British encampment fire pit and dates from their time..

Discussed in the book,  “The Winter Camp Salvage,” by D. R. Armstrong, page 52 exhibit 5b.

Included in the exhibit on loan at the McLarty Museum, Sebastian, Florida.  Douglas Armstrong Collection.

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